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The bridge between start-ups and traditional industries

We are recruiting - Get ready to scale and don't forget to apply: Xcel is the first-of-its kind program specifically designed for tech start-ups in the hospitality and retail sectors who are looking to scale, expand into a new geography, or into a new industry. The program is built on years' of collaborating with startups, corporates and independent businesses.

Make a difference; we match you with stakeholders within METRO and its Partners who have an immediate need for a solution like yours.
We analyse METRO and Partner needs to uncover real business opportunities, in a defined period of time in a highly structured environment where efficiency and efficacy are key. Not only do we find you business opportunities, we also make you “pilot-certified”; Through one-on-one coaching we cover any gaps that are necessary to scale successfully. With our expertise on METRO and its wide Partner network we know what it takes to make you ready to pilot effectively and successfully.


METRO is the biggest wholesaler worldwide, targeting SMEs within hospitality and retail

16 M+








€27.1 B

Annual Revenue

Through our close relationship with METRO, we unlock access to a leader in wholesale, industry know-how and expertise.

Meet our Team

Sylvia Dudek
Program Director
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Cerina Bezuidenhout
Program Manager
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Lovisa Hedlund
Marketing Manager
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Julia Raabe
Event Manager
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Laurent Kaestli
Managing Director
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