METRO Accelerator startups make a grand entry with the first HITEC in Europe

In 2017, HITEC will be holding its first European event ever. From the 28th-30th March HITEC 2017 will be taking place in the Rai Conference Centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands. HITEC is known as the biggest hospitality tech event in the world and is produced by HFTP (hospitality financial technology professionals) based in Texas, USA. HFTP is a world class association dedicated to finding solutions to industry problems through the support of a vast network of professionals, and is recognised as the number one spokes group for finance and technology in hospitality.

Attendees of HITEC include industry vendors, investors, executives, leaders and enthusiasts alike. In March they will come together to address varied subjects, including: “A Perspective within the World Today: The Impact on Hospitality and Travel and their Customers”, “Hospitality Industry Faces New EU Data Privacy Legislation”, “How Disruptive Technologies are Challenging and Changing the Industry”, “Payment Fragmentation, Including the Disruption Factor”, and “Technology for Profit”. All themes extremely relevant to the pressing challenges hospitality professionals face today.

But what makes HITEC Amsterdam 2017 even more exciting is the grand presence of METRO Accelerator at the event. Startups from both 2015 and 2016 classes of the Hospitality batch of METRO Accelerator, have been invited to attend and present at HITEC this year. On March 28th the HITEC E20x will take place; an exclusive demo day where startups are set to pitch their concepts to a panel of expert hospitality judges: this unique opportunity gives our startups significant exposure to top industry mentors, investors, leaders, and executives.

The MetroAccel startups presenting at E20X on the 28th of March are as follows:

  1. Apparier founders: Damian Hall and Simon Cole, London, UK – Apparier is a software solution that matches a fine dining restaurant’s passion for food, hospitality and guest experiences, to each customer’s personal preference for quality service. More on Twitter
  2. Cheerfy founders: Carlos Gomez, and Adrian Maseda, London, UK – Cheerfy is dedicated to improving the customer experience in hotels and restaurants. To this effect, the start-up uses Wi-Fi hotspots as beacons. More on Twitter
  3. flowtify founder: Daniel Vollmer, Berlin, Germany – An Android workflow management system with focus on HACCP reporting for the HoReCa and franchising businesses. More on Twitter
  4. Hyre.Inc founder: Eropa Stein, Ottawa, Canada- Previously eStaffmatch, this online marketplace connects event organisers with event staff. More on Twitter
  5. founders: Leigh Sherman and Joshua Chittick, Melbourne, Australia – is a co-commerce platform that brings together business partners in the food service and hospitality sector for handling all buying and selling processes. More on Twitter
  6. Reputize founder: Ivo Dimitrov, Sofia, Bulgaria – This online platform uses big data for the reputation management of hotels. More on Twitter
  7. Frag Paul founder: Marc Stratmann, Cologne, Germany – a digital HR management system that assists small and medium-sized enterprises in human resources planning and payroll accounting. More on Twitter
  8. ROOMATIC founder: Andreas van de Castel, Berlin, Germany – ROOMATIC provides Real-time Feedback to hotels helping them to avoid negative guest reviews thus improving their overall online reputation. More on Facebook

METRO Accelerator powered by Techstars is a flagship program of GmbH. is a newly established subsidiary of METRO AG committed to driving innovation and developing digital solutions for the hotel, restaurant and catering industries. will also be attending the three day event, as the exclusive sponsor of HITEC Amsterdam 2017.

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