A day in London with METRO Accelerator for Retail

METRO Accelerator for Retail powered by Techstars will be traveling across Europe during February in order to meet disruptive retail startups. While we will travel to these amazing destinations and coworking spaces, with these blogs I would like to share with you our #CityInADay tour.

Today we are in London!

2:00 am – Waking up in Tel Aviv and already on the road to catch my flight to London. I have to stop in Istanbul first and then I will be in London. Let’s just hope none of the flights will be delayed.

8:30 am – No time for some shopping in this big Istanbul international airport, I have only 30 mins to get my connection flight to go to London but so far, so good!

10:50 am – Landing in London. It’s already a bit late so I rush to get in the transports to Kingdom street.

12:00 am – Few! Just arrived at Kingdom street where I meet Jess. Jess is working for Techstars as a Global program director and she is helping us with the office hours today. It is time to meet the startups and here we go! The first startup arrived, time to start our day!

Office hours are one-to-one meeting with Alexander Hafner, our Managing director from Techstars and Sebastian Campos Groth, our Program manager. It is a great opportunity to pitch your startup to professionals and to get to know more about our program, and how you can benefit in it.

If you are interested in participating in Office hours or meetups, find your city and register here.

Everybody arrived on time. The place is really nice. It is a big office area next to Sheldon square where many companies have their offices. At the ground floor, the Central working space is where London program by Techstars takes place. The program did not start yet so in the meantime, it is a coworking space. If you are interested in Techstars London program, you can apply here.

On the other floors, the offices are occupied by some big companies like Microsoft which makes the place moving all day long.

7:30 pm – Ready for the dinner at Pearl Liang in Sheldon Square. We met some very interesting colleagues from Techstars who are working for the Startup Weekend. The startups weekends are 54 hours surrounded by mentors, investors, co-founders, and sponsors with the best tools and approaches at your disposal. This immersion in the startup environment is already happening in 150 countries worldwide. If you are interested in participating in one of these events, find your city here!

Ali from JibJib joined us as well. He is an alumni from the Techstars Berlin program 2015.

Watch their Demo Day Pitch!

10:47 pm – We are the only ones left in the restaurant. Time to go home and rest because tomorrow, we are flying to Paris.

Very nice day in London, thanks to all of the participants!

By the way, you can follow @MetroAccel on Instagram & get to know more about our program!

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