A day in Lisbon with METRO Accelerator for Retail

METRO Accelerator for Retail powered by Techstars will be traveling across Europe during February in order to meet disruptive retail startups. While we will travel to these amazing destinations and coworking spaces, with these blogs I would like to share with you our #CityInADay tour.

Today we are in Lisbon!

9:40 am – Boarding at Madrid airport for a one-hour flight to Lisbon with METRO Accelerator for Retail team. For those who did not know, with daylight savings, it is one hour less in Lisbon, such a cool feeling to win an hour of your day.

10:30 am – We landed in Lisbon, looked beautiful from the plane and it 16°C outside – can’t believe it! This is not a complain, but for context, it was 3 degrees in Germany when we left. We took off our jackets and got in the cab, straight to: Beta_i!


11:00 am
– Just arrived at Beta_i! We were welcomed by Ricardo Marvão, the Co-founder, and head of global resources of the place. He gave us a quick tour of the building. Located in the city center of Lisbon, Beta_i represents 5000 square meters of offices, coworking spaces, and auditorium. The building was built in the 70s and was renovated to the vibrant startup style later which makes the place look very eye-catching and cozy. We could feel the real spirit of the startups working there. Everybody seemed to know each other very well.


11:45 am – Time flies! Almost ready to meet the 1st Retail Startup, but we lost Alexander Hafner, our Managing director, to a very engaging conversation with one of the startups working at Beta_i. Curiosity has no limits, and its a good thing.

12:00 am – All turned out good, Axel was here and the 1st startup came in for the office hours. Office hours are a dedicated 30 minutes one-to-one meeting with Alexander Hafner, our Managing director from Techstars and Sebastian Campos Groth, our Program manager. It is a great opportunity to pitch your startup to professionals and to get to know more about our program.

If you are interested in participating in Office hours or meetups, find your city and register here!

2:30 pm – Only a few minutes to get a sandwich for lunch and it’s already time to meet other startups.

7:00 pm – We are enjoying our walk through La


Calçada da Gloria on our way to the restaurant Lost In Esplanada in Bairro alto. The view was breathtaking and the food was delicious. We met there first with João founder of Mobiag and alumni of Techstars city program in Berlin 2016 and we ended up being a group of 9 for dinner.

1:00 am – We had a such a great time that we did not even realize how late it was. Time to go to the hotel for a good rest.

STAY TUNED and follow us on Facebook because next tuesday, we will be in Tel Aviv!





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