A day in Bucharest with METRO Accelerator

METRO Accelerator for Retail powered by Techstars will be traveling across Europe during February in order to meet disruptive retail startups. While we will travel to these amazing destinations and coworking spaces, with these blogs I would like to share with you our #CityInADay tour.

Today we are in Bucharest!

8:30 am – After an amazing eventful day in Sofia, today we are in Bucharest. Our hotel is not far from the coworking space for the day. So we head out for a little breakfast before starting the day.

9:47 am – Arrived at Techhub and we were posittively taken aback. There is a huge contrast between the entrance of the building and the actual coworking space. We met up with Adriana who was taking care of the event here. Adriana escorted us to the room for our day’s office hours, where we meet Bogdan Iordache, the CEO of Techhub Bucharest.

11:00 am – Everything was in place and ready for the meetup, and we had time to work a little bit before the first startup arrived. Today for the office hours, we are lucky to have Sebastian Campos Groth, the program manager of METRO Accelerator for Retail from Techstars, Boris Minialai, Global Director Retail Franchise at METRO AG and Kay Pulch from METRO AG.

Techhub Bucharest is located in the center of Bucharest. They host about 300 events per year, have close to 30 floating desks on the ground floor and 80 desks on the first floor in the coworking space. The place was open in 2014 and up until now, it has choc-a-bloc full with Tech startups only. You can find Techhub coworking spaces now also in Bangalore, London, Madrid, Riga, Swansea, Warsaw and of course Bucharest.

12:00 am – Time to meet the startups. Our first startup for today has come all the way from Timisoara to meet us which made us very happy. I wished them luck as we began with the Office Hours.

Office hours are one-to-one meeting with Alexander Hafner, our Managing director from Techstars and Sebastian Campos Groth, our Program manager. It is a great opportunity to pitch your startup to professionals and to get to know more about our program, and how you can benefit from it.

If you are interested in participating in Office hours or meetups, find your city and register here.

3:30 pm – Office hours are almost wrapping up. And now, it was time to receive our co-organizers for the meetup. Adriana and her colleagues started to setup the place. Everything was very professional and fast. We were ready for the meetup at 4 pm already.

4:00 pm – Our first guest arrived, it’s Adina Timplaru, Head of Corporate Communication for METRO Romania. It is really great to meet the colleagues from other countries of the METRO family.

4:30 pm – The room is almost to its full capacity now and we will begin the meetup in a few minutes.

Meet our panelists for today:

The topic of the discussion today is: The value of piloting and experimentations

6:00 pm – The meetup lasted much longer than expected, all thanks to the enthusiastic dialogue between the panel and the crowds. Many interesting questions were raised and cases heard. The discussion ended with an intensely engaging debate on the future of the Retail Industry.

“The offline world is alive and kicking, we Just need to reinvent our customer experience” @BorisMinialai from @METRO_News #retail pic.twitter.com/pui2SGVvR8

— METRO Accelerator (@MetroAccel) 16 février 2017

6:50 pm – After this eventful meetup, it was time to head out for dinner. Tonight we had the company of our METRO colleagues from Romania. We also met Cornel, who introduced us to the fantastic initiative of METRO Potentials. It was great to meet everyone and share our experiences with our extended METRO family.

10:38 pm
– We decided to call it a day in Bucharest and head for the slumber. Thank you so much to all the participants of this event. It was really nice to meet all of you today and give us a shoutout to connect with us, we would love to talk more!

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