5 facts about the Techstars METRO Accelerator

What types of businesses are best suited for the Techstars METRO Accelerator program?
Techstars METRO accelerator is looking for technology-powered startups from around the world with innovative ideas for retail and services that can benefit wholesalers, independent traders and retailers. This could be a new solution in payments, ordering, inventory management, supply chain optimization, logistics, big data, mobile, shop efficiency, in-store experiences, stock management or anything else that adds value to the evolution of retail in a digitally powered world.

What if my company is not an expert in retail, trading and wholesale space?
Don’t interpret this vertical too narrowly. If your startup can provide a tangible benefit to this sector, either directly to the customers or through the infrastructure, we’re interested in talking with you. Techstars METRO accelerator is focused on bringing a world of digital and technological resources to entrepreneurs, to help you do more, faster. We will provide design and technical assistance, guidance and mentorship on your products, prototypes and sales pitches, but each company must be capable of building its own business.

What resources will METRO provide to companies in the Techstars METRO accelerator?
You receive up to €120,000 in funding plus resources from Techstars and METRO in exchange for a small equity in your company.
Companies will also benefit from immense business potential through access to METRO’s international customer base and network of 5,500 field sales employees. With its activities in 26 countries and its 21 million customers, METRO offers these entrepreneurs access to the pooled knowledge of its procurement, sales, marketing, strategy, finance, legal and communication experts.

How will the final ten companies be chosen? What are the criteria?
Techstars METRO accelerator is looking for focused, well-rounded companies with great teams, strong, thoughtful ideas, and the ability to execute.

What will a typical day be like for a Techstars METRO accelerator participant?
Very busy. On most days the accelerator team will organize group educational sessions with industry leaders, mentors and sponsors, followed by one-on-one mentor meetings, team meetings, presentation building or pitch practice. In-between those times your team will need to do the necessary work for your company and its product and services. It is important that you are there with your best foot forward, passionate, driven and open for some long days to come.

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